How Pelvic Floor Toners
Can Help With Pelvic Floor Weakness 

Pelvic floor weakness is the main cause of stress incontinence in women. This can cause urine leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising. in addition, the weakened muscles of the pelvic floor can result in decreased sexual satisfaction for both partners. This is a problem which can be significantly helped with pelvic floor toners.

It is estimated that around 25% of new mothers will suffer from stress incontinence, with many never regaining the muscle tone which they previously had. The effects of aging and vigorous exercise can also have a catastrophic effect on the pelvic floor and sadly, many women suffer from stress incontinence permanently.

The pelvic floor muscle is a made up of a number of strong flexible muscles which act as a type of hammock for the bladder, urethra, rectum and anus. The muscle stretches between the bottom of the spine and the pubic bone. When the muscles become weak, this causes changes in both the positioning and support of the organs which leads to incontinence.

The good news is that the pelvic floor muscle is what is known as a "voluntary" muscle. This means that exercise can help to strengthen it which, in turn, can eliminate incontinence.

Pelvic floor toners work by quickly strengthening the weakened pelvic floor muscles enabling them to function correctly.  Like most muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they become.

The Pelvic Floor

  • The first image shows a healthy pelvic floor with the muscles correctly supporting the bowel, bladder and womb in place
  • The second image is how a weakened pelvic floor appears-notice the sagging muscle is unable to properly support the internal organs.

A Shocking Statistic

A Third Of All Sanitary Towels Sold Are For
Stress Incontinence

It is a well known fact that women using pelvic floor toners generally achieve far better results than those who try to do kegel exercises themselves.  The reason for this is that when Dr Kegel, the originator of the kegel exercises, devised his program, it was not designed to be done on an empty vagina. Indeed, the device he developed was very similar to some of the manual pelvic floor toners which are available today.

Over the years, this fact has been lost and women are encouraged to exercise their pelvic floors completely unassisted. For most women, this sadly results in poor outcomes, with one study showing that just over half of women could not even produce one effective pelvic floor "squeeze".

Studies have been done comparing a control group of women to a group who used a wide range of devices, including vaginal cones, spring-based devices, vaginal balls, vaginal barbells and electronic pelvic floor toners. It is shown that women who use these devices generally show a marked improvement in their incontinence when compared with the control group.

The Three Main Ways a Pelvic Floor Toner Can Help
  • Pelvic floor toners can help provide resistance. Think how weights are used in bodybuilding-strong biceps are developed as a result of the use of weights to provide resistance. The same results would not be achieved simply by flexing the muscles.
  • Some pelvic floor toners provide feedback, thereby confirming that the exercises are being done correctly. Thus encouraging the woman to persist.
  • The very presence of a pelvic toning device in the vagina can make the pelvic floor contract involuntarily in order to retain the device. Some toners use a safe electrical current to maximise this reaction.

What Types Of Pelvic Floor Toners Are Available?

    • Electronic Pelvic Floor Toners
    • Vaginal Balls
    • Spring/Resistance Based Pelvic Toners
    • Vaginal Barbells
    • Vaginal Cones

      Electronic Pelvic Floor Toners

      There are a range of devices available, including the very popular Kegel8 range and the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer.

      Pelvic floor electrical stimulation (PFES)  has been used to treat incontinence for many years. It is only recently, however, that women have been able to buy electronic pelvic floor toners to use at home.

      A very mild electric current is passed through a tampon-like probe which is inserted into the vagina. This stimulates the muscles to contract and relax, effectively performing the perfect set of kegel exercises.

      These devices are extremely popular as they offer a no-effort way to perform the normally tedious kegel exercises.

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      Vaginal  Balls

      Vaginal balls or kegel balls offer a stimulating, targeted massage and directional pelvic training.  Discreet, noiseless and comfortable, vaginal balls can remain in place whilst you undertake many of your daily activities, such as whilst at home, in the car or even out with friends.

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      Pelvic Toners With Spring/Resistance

      These devices work by "progressive resistance". By combining traditional kegel exercises with a spring-loaded toner, your pelvic floor muscles can be significantly strengthened by using the device for just a few minutes each day. Stronger replacement springs with extra resistance are available for women who, after a period of use, find that they are easily able to complete their exercise program.

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      Vaginal Cones

      Vaginal cones work on the principle that the muscles within the vagina will contract and tighten involuntarily, attempting to "grasp" the cone. Most systems use varying weights and come with an exercise plan so you can see a progression.  The Kegel8 Cones come with a unique indicator, showing if the muscles are being exercised correctly.

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      Vaginal Barbells

      Vaginal barbells are usually weighted differently at each end to allow you to progress from the lighter to the heavier weight. They are designed to be used lying down or, when your pelvic muscles have gained strength, standing up. This will allow for the  development of extra-strong muscles.

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      IncoStress Control - An Immediate Solution

      Incostress Control offers an immediate solution to the embarrassing problem of bladder weakness. A little like a tampon, Incostress is worn internally and places gentle pressure against the urethra and restores the natural position of the bladder.  This is turn prevents stress incontinence.

      Although not designed as a pelvic toner, Incostress also gently exercises your pelvic floor muscles and some women have found that over a period of time, their muscles have naturally strengthened. However, it is recommended that Incostress is used as a temporary measure alongside products such as the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer or a pelvic floor toner from the excellent Kegel8 range.

      If buying Incostress from StressNoMore, use code ASNM512 at the checkout for a 5% discount off their already competitive prices.

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